We Are An Authorized Inspection Station for RMS (pink slip)

• Light Vehicle under 4.5 Tonnes
• Motorcycle
• Light Trailer

Most common problems that will FAIL Rego Inspections:

  • Lights inoperative
  • Horn inoperative
  • Worn tyre (worn edges also not acceptable)
  • Cracked windscreen and missing mirrors
  • Damaged or inoperative wiper blades
  • Damaged body work with sharp edges (loose bumpers, broken rear light housing showing white light instead of red or amber etc)
  • Cracked / Torn / Perished suspension bushes
  • Excessive freeplay / looseness in suspension or steering ball joints
  • Oil leaks
  • Leaking exhaust / muffler
  • Damaged seat belt webbing and buckle
  • Rust on critical chassis frame
  • Faded number plates

Payment of Inspection Fee does not guarantee a pass result.

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